D.P. Web Design Workload & Progress

This log is updated at the end of the working day. It will give you a an idea of your project's status.

How it Works

As a new project or website is added it is placed on the end of the list. This does not mean it won't be looked at until all others are completed. We will send you documents & help information to assist you gather all required content for your project or website. Projects will be worked on in listed order below to a point where they are either completed or awaiting client approval, then the following project will be started. If the client has not gathered all of their information the following project will be started until the previous client is ready to go.

All smaller projects can & will be done in between the larger ones as to keep a good workflow happening for all clients.

Danny Poole

Current project/s underway by Danny Poole

Major Projects

  • ESS Biztools
    Work: Website upgrade
    Status: stage 2 to be started
  • Calxa
    Work: Site Upgrade
    Status: Working on
  • Hermit Park Clinic
    Work: New upgrade
    Status: Client Review
  • Bluewater Medical Center
    Work: New Site
    Status: Client Review
  • Jim Pola Digital Marketing
    Work: New Site
    Status: Client Review
  • Aspex on Banfield
    Work: New Site
    Status: Started

Minor Projects

  • Bandages for Brutes
    Work: Minor Fixes
    Status: To be started
    0% - Not Started

Projects on Hold or Awaiting Client

  • Learning Lair
    Work: Website construction
    Status: Awaiting client to add products
  • Captured Moments
    Work: Website creation
    Status: (Project on hold) Awaiting client
  • Southern Cross Reservoir Services Australia
    Work: Website creation
    Status: Awaiting client review & site data
  • Australian Council of PVC's and Deans of Health Science
    Website creation
    Status: Finalised awaiting to go live

If your project is not listed please notify us so we can correct the problem.

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