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Home Page Slideshow or Feature Articles Presentation

This functionality displays either a slideshow presentation of images that sums up your site/company/business visually or as a 'Feature Articles Presentation'. It can draw content & images from key parts of your site & present the information in a slideshow manner.

3 Variations on Slideshow Banner (In order of less to more hours involved)

  1. Simple slideshow presentation: displaying selected images (4 to 10) displaying feature products, events etc relating to your company or business.
  2. Slideshow + description: this is the same as (1) but adding a title plus description to each slide image.
  3. Auto update slideshow & description: this  is the same as (2) but the image, title & description will be taken from updated articles, images or selected data from the site (e.g. you add a new product or service and it is automatically added to the homepage slideshow).

Charge type: Hourly (from 2 to 6)

NOTE: Depending on Component, Module or Plug-in selected for use, software purchase charges may apply.

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