Danny Poole

Owner, Manager, Developer, Designer, Project Planner

Danny Poole has been working with computers since the average hard drive was 20MB, ram was $100 per MB and screen resolutions were 600x480. Yes the word Internet wasn't even around to be abbreviated to "The Net" and we stored out data on floppy discs that at best could hold 1.4MB.

His first website was for a band he use to play in and it had the telltale markings of most developers fist websites with twinkled stars in the background or a black dark site with everything the moved, scrolled & shook on a web page.

Alot has changed since then and so have the skills of Danny's developing & design. Even now Danny looks back on past work and can see what he could have done better, as web design is an ever changing media with new and exciting ideas revealing themselves monthly.


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  • Mobile: 0412 342-206
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5 Trembath Crescent,
Kirwan, Townsville QLD 4817
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(07) 4773 4719
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