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GWG Valves and Poly Fittings

Activated: 30 May 2017
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History: This site is new to the internet and the 1st website for this company/organisation.


GWG Valves and Poly Fittings carry an extensive range of polyethylene fittings suitable for Butt Weld, Electrofusion, Compresssion and BSP. sizes ranging from 25mm to 630mm but not limited to those sizes.

QUALITY is the keyword in all processes GWG use from design, sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing, assemby, packaging, distribution and delivery. 

Our Manufacturing plant uses only the highest quality materials they follow rigorous quality testing and checks during production right through to the final product which are produced with State-of-the-Art equipment by highly skilled and certified teams.

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Office Location

5 Trembath Crescent, Kirwan
Townsville, QLD, Australia, 4817
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0412 342 206

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Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
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