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Micro Business Websites

What is a Micro Business website?

Well it's just a trendy way of saying a one page website. If you've already read through our Base Build page then it is basically that but only the Home Page. Read more below to see what comes with it.

What type of business would use a Micro Business Website?

If you're business doesn't have a web presence/website, or your it's pretty self explanatory so you don't need pages of information to describe your product or service, or you might be on a limited budget then a Micro Business website is perfect for you.

What do you get in a Micro Business website?

  • A stunning one page layout using your business branding.

  • Page populated with images and copy.
    (page information to be supplied by the client, if you like we can supply licenced stock images)

  • Site content can be client managed using a simple click, drag & drop page builder system.
    (support packages are also available if you would like us to do it for you)

  • Feature/Hero Banner: The feature/hero banner can be static or include motion such as sliding and fading etc. Either way a feature banner will summarise the key points of your business.

  • Base SEO (Search Engine Optimization): keyword refinement, adding keywords/phrases & description to meta tags, using best SEO practices for titles, images etc.
    (Keywords to be supplied by the client, we will help you refine them)
    NOTE: this is not a 1st page ranking guarantee as that is a dedicated SEO service.

  • A simple contact form or call to action form. 
    (e.g. name, email, subject & message, or something similar)

  • Your website will be fully mobile/tablet responsive, multi browser compatible development to work seamlessly on all devices from desktop down to mobile screen sizes.

  • Google Analytic integration. 
    (this will require Google or Gmail account)

  • Setup on your selected or existing hosting
    (we can also supply cheaper, smaller hosting packages if you need them)

D.P. Web Design
Micro Business Website

Starting at...


normally $1,320
  • One-off payment
  • ⅓ Deposit
  • Work hours: 12 - 14 (avg.)
  • Completion time: 3-4 days (avg.)


  • How Long?

    How long will it take to complete the site?

    As soon as we're provided with all site information, branding and any images you'd like to use, we can have it ready to go in just a few days.

  • Can I Expand?

    What happens if I want to add more pages to the site?

    The Micro Build Website is the same as our Base Build Website accept all the information is stripped down and compacted into one page, this would normally be the home page of a Base Build Website. When the time comes to expand your website we can add the new pages or functionality to the existing framework that your Micro site is built on.

  • Found in Google?

    Is the Micro Build website still going to be found in Google?

    Yes, we'll still work with you to do the keyword research to help your site get the best ranking possible, but remember content is king, so a Micro Business website that only consists of one page would not have the same ranking power that our Base Build or a multi page website would have, simply because these sites contain a lot more information.

  • Can I Edit?

    Can I edit the page content once the site is complete?

    Yes, you can edit your site content using YOOtheme Pro Page Builder. YOOtheme Pro is the most powerful theme and page builder available today. Organize content with drag & drop, create responsive grid layouts, add content elements on the Fly and much more.

  • Show me Something

    Here are some one page Micro Business websites

Did You Know?

We Price Match

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Conditions of Price Match:

  • Please supply an official quote sent to your name or business name by a reputable developer.
  • Unfortunatly quotes from overseas companies are not valid, quoting company must have an ABN.
  • We can only provide price matching for services we provide. Unfortunatly we can't price match guarantee because unlike other matching offers we arn't selling goods like alcohol or TVs from a single supplyer and some work may be outside the scope of what we supply.
  • We have the right to refuse a price match if conditions are not met.
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