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eCommerce (Shopping Cart System)

Install - configure - shipping - payment systems - add products

Think of an eCommerce system as just extra functionality added to our Base Build Website.

Our standard eCommerce build generally includes:

  • Store Setup - Company configurations
  • Styling shopping cart to template (Company colours & theme)
  • Checkout process
  • Image display enhancements (e.g. image zoom & popup)
  • Attributes/Features setup (an attribute example would be variation in colour & size)
  • Payment integration (PayPal, Direct Deposit & *Offline Credit Cards processing)
  • Shipping integration (Australia Post, Store Pickup)
  • Up to 8 products to test display & categories (client add all remaining products)
  • Tutorial documents on shopping cart system

E-Commerce FAQ's

How much would it cost for the Domain Name, Hosting & E-Mail?
Usually about a month. It’s like building a house, the wall and roof (site & template) go up quick but the interior (information and products) is the slowest, plus there is a lot of behind the scenes work that still happens while the site is live. We have completed E-Commerce sites in a few weeks and some a few months (depending on the client’s speed at getting the information to us).
Are there any maintenance costs?
Usually around $300 - $400 per year.

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Are there any maintenance costs?
All products and information would be edited by you the client (tuition can be supplied). Any site layout & template modifications are usually done by the designer. Once you start to get used to the workings of the website, there will be no maintenance cost until you decide to upgrade the look of your site or add extra functionality.

Do You Have An Existing eCommerce Site?

D.P. Web Design can upgrade or add modules & components to your existing eCommerce store. We can also give your store a facelift, adding modern templates and styles to your aging shop front

Website Support Packages
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