Designer Layout Requirements

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The following pages are examples on how to best supply information for your website to your designer. Look at it this way, you are getting you first website created for your business and you need to supply all the information to your designer.

The following information is shown in 3 sections
  1. The TREE  LAYOUT IMAGE - This graphically shows what part of the site you are supplying information for, you do not have to supply and image like this, it is only for demonstration purposes.
  2. The YELLOW BOX - This is the information you will supply to your designer with highlighted instructions on you layout ideas.
  3. HELP INFORMATION - This is for demonstration purposed only to help you with the layout of the YELLOW BOX area.

You don’t have to follow this as a strict rule but the better you lay out the page information then the quicker D.P. Web Design can complete your site, then the more money you will save.

Website Page Layout Example

* All text in RED is help information that you would add for your designer.

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Home Page

Web Development Tree Example (Home Page)

dpwebD.P. Web Design (formerly known as D.P. Web Page) is locally operated in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. We believe that how your web site looks, feels and navigates reflects on your company and of course us, D.P. Web Design. After all this may be the first impression a potential client/customer has of your business.

The same can be said about D.P. Web Design, if we were to create poorly designed web sites it would reflect on us. Our aim is to make web sites that we're happy with as well as you, no rush jobs. Most importantly, a site design that you love!

Your web site should be a mixture of artistry and practicality, functional yet fantastic! Each draft completed is approved by you the customer. Your level of involvement is totally up to you. Some clients may have an exact idea on the design of their site, others may have a busy schedule and need a professional to do the job right the first time. Either way all you have to do is call D.P. Web Design (link to Contact us Page) and organize a meeting to discuss your web site needs.

D.P. Web Design specializes in professional web sites built from the ground up or template editing, forum editing and installation, scripting, shopping cart set-up, macromedia flash creation & editing, logo & corporate identity creation, audio & video editing.

(read more...) (Link to Services Page)

  • Make use of keywords in your Home Page, if you sell wedding supplies in Townsville then make sure you use those words abundantly in your text
  • Make notes for your designer in red stating what you would like to happen with links, images animations or any design aspects
  • You can add images to the document to help your designer with the layout. Please remember to add higher resolution images sent separately and named the same as the page you want it on (e.g. home01.jpg, home02.jpg, about_us.jpg & contact_us.jpg etc.) ...
About Us

Web Development Tree Example (About Us Page)

laptopHow your web site looks is a direct reflection on us, D.P. Web Design. Whether you want a professional polished appearance or a comical cartoon look to your site, we always want it to look the best it can. Our promise to you is "The Job is not complete until you're happy!". We guarantee you'll like the end product.
D.P. Web Design is open to all your suggestions and ideas on how you want your site to be presented. Potential and existing clients are always welcome to meet with the designer to help create ideas. We will guide you on the most efficient ways to present your business on the Internet plus the most cost effective ways to maintain and update your website.

HELP INFORMATIONTry to keep all information for a new page (e.g. HOME, ABOUT US, SERVICES) on a new page in your Word document.

Web Development Tree Example (Services Page)

Different businesses require different types of websites and there is no need to buy a Ferrari hood for your Holden commodore because you'll be wasting your money and it just won't suit your needs. If you have a clear idea on your website needs then you can get a more accurate quote.

Included as standard with your chosen package:

  • "ActiveCollab: Client Area" (Here the client can check on all website work as it is being completed with progress reports, file transfers, messages & up to date costing as work is completed)
  • Checking site in different screen resolutions
  • One Contact form setup in FormTools area (This handles all forms sent from your site (like this one) (link to Contact Us Page). Storing all form information in a database for you to recall when you need it.

Here are our different departments

  • Department 1 (Link to Department 1 page)
  • Department 2 (Link to Department 2 page)
  • Department 3 (Link to Department 3 page)

Sub-Headings on Services Page

Department 1 (New Page)

Department 1 information here… Department 1 information here… Department 1 information here…

Department 2 (New Page)

Department 2 information here… Department 2 information here…

Department 3 (New Page)

Department 3 information here… Department 3 information here… Department 3 information here… Department 3 information here…

HELP INFORMATION Some page may require sub pages; remember to leave notes for your designer.



Web Development Tree Example (Portfolio Page)

Information & images still to come…

HELP INFORMATION If you haven’t gathered information for some page just leave the page heading and a message for your designer.



Web Development Tree Example (Pricing Page)

If you've been surfing the Internet to find some pricing on web design, you've probably noticed it's rare to see a company devote themselves to a set price. This is because every site is different, just the same as you want your business to be unique. This makes it difficult to quote a set price without understanding your unique business needs.

Call D.P. Web Design, come around for a coffee (or we'll come to you). Discuss all your website needs with an experienced designer who will help layout the best structure and pricing for your site.

Question: Would you take your new car to a young inexperienced mechanic just because they were cheap?
Answer: You can best answer this!

You are in business for a reason! You love what you do and you want to make a profit on what you do best. Starting or running a business is expensive and it seems as though everyone wants a part of your company's profits from advertising to ongoing expenses. Once your initial site development is complete your only ongoing costs are usually Domain Registration & Hosting. This should average out to around $200 per year. Compare this to Yellow Pages, T.V. and Radio advertising then to the audience you'll reach, and it makes good business sense to have a website no matter how small your company.

D.P. Web Design works on a standard rate of...
$110.00 (AUD) per/hr.
This price includes G.S.T.

D.P. Web Design also offers a split payment plan for smaller businesses operating on a lower budget.

HELP INFORMATION Remember to spell check all information as the designer may not pick up on spelling mistakes. Text insertion is usually a copy and paste process.

Web Development Tree Example (Contact Page)

Phone: (07) 4725 5082
Mobile: 0412 342206

Contact Form Information



  • Make sure you add all relevant information regarding your business (e.g. Address, PO Box, Contact name, phone numbers & emails).
  • NOTE: all emails will have SPAMMING protected scripts attached.
  • Contact forms can also be added to this page
  • If you wish to add contact forms then please send all form information you require


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