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Technical Support & Tuition

HOW PRICING WORKS: All technical support is usually taken from pre-purchased support packages. If you're not using a support package charging is calculated hourly based on the length of the call or time of service (in % to the hour) divided or multiplied by the hourly rate. (e.g. 15 min call = 25% of 1 hour, 25% percent of current rate = $27.50)

DP Web Design
Hourly Rate

(per hour/minimum 15min)

Phone Support

What defines a charged help call?

When a help call is a call placed to DP Web Design for

  • Technical help with software or PC functions that don’t relate directly to the client’s current active project or web development.
  • Support on completed website functionality (e.g. Site editing, newsletter sending & testing, image editing & gallery functions, on-site file management, etc.) that has been referenced in previously submitted tutorial documents or videos.

When is it NOT a charged help call?

When a call is placed to DP Web Design for

  • Help in relation to software or P.C. functions that assists in the maintaining or bettering of current active projects that the client has with DP Web Design .
  • Help in relation to a website or website functionality currently under construction & in development by DP Web Design (e.g. Site editing, newsletter sending & testing, image editing & gallery functions, on-site file management, etc.).

Technical Support & Tuition FAQ’s

What if the problem is not fixed?

We don’t claim to know everything and there may be some problems that require specialised attention. If DP Web Design was no help and no solution was found, then you will not be charged for the service.

If the problem was sourced, but then not fixed because of interface limitation (e.g. Phone, screen sharing, etc.) then a partial amount may be invoiced depending if the ongoing problem is fixed by DP Web Design or another service.

For example:

  • Hardware Failure: RAM, Hard Drive, Power Supplies, Motherboards & Video Cards can cause various problems with computer systems & functions if faulty.
  • Software Conflicts: Sometimes, but rarely some software can conflict with others and may only be solved by purchasing upgrades or updating your operating system.
  • Systems Restoration: In the worst case it may be more financially viable to reload the operating system.
What is the problem stems from previous work done by DP Web Design

Sometimes when a problem is solved another pops up. If another problem occurs in relation to the first problem, then it is safe to assume it can still be classed as the 1st problem therefor would be billed out as normal.

If the new problem is caused by DP Web Design it will be fixed and there will be no time billed.