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Club or Membership Website Build

Is your club growing past a manageable level and now taking up valuable committee member's time? DP Web Design can help by creating a database driven website that offers access level control on what members see and do.

This is a specialised service that will ascertain your club's requirements and build a website specially suited to your club's needs. This can include any of the following features:

Default Features

  • Base Build Website:

    The website will be built using all the features of our Base Build Package. Then we'll enhance this by adding any requested features you require.

    See Base Build Features Below

  • Online Registration Form:

    You are most likely registering members manually using a Word document or PDF. This can be turned into an online form where the potential member can submit all their information themselves.  

  • Registration Verification & Notifications:

    Depending on your club's procedures, verification can be setup multiple ways, manually, automatically or after payment auto verification. Let us know your needs, and we'll make it as streamlined as possible for you. 

  • Members Area:

    Naturally, there is a members area that can only be accessed by vetted and verified members. You can have multiple access levels that grant access to multi teared club members (e.g. Super Admin, Admin, Committee Members, Club Members, Expired Members and so on).

Member Functionality

  • Userlists:

    Showcase your community members and promote interactions with user lists. Create as many user lists as you need. Each list can show the fields you want and can be configured to be accessible by the users you want.

  • Member Activity Wall:

    An interactive wall where users can share their thoughts and happenings and engage in online discussions through comments.

  • Member Gallery:

    Image, video, music and file galleries can be added by members in their profiles. Easy and simple with powerful quota system. Media can also be moderated before final publication.

  • User Privacy:

    Extensive privacy controls for members and administrators. Applies to any member field or Tab. Strengthen trust by letting your users configure the privacy level of their profile data. Also lets users disable or delete their own accounts.

  • Member Invites:

    Let your community work for you by sending personalised invitations to their friends to sign-up on your website. Keep track of invites and even enforce by invite only sign-ups. Easy to configure, allowing invites to be customized to your site's needs.

  • Last Views:

    Let members see who has been visiting their profile! Also has administrative view with filtering.

  • Forum:

    Let your members interact and assist each other using a fully functional member's or community forum.

  • Manage Payments or Subscriptions:

    Members will have access to their subscriptions and payment methods. Notifications can be setup alerting Admins of any changes in these situations.

Admin Functionality

  • Full Membership Control:

    If required, there can be multi level admin access with varying levels of control directly from the website's front end or administration.

  • Blogs, Stories & Member Content:

    You can create blogs or online newsletters, then assign it to specific membership levels if you like. You can even send these blogs out as email newsletters, so your members don't miss a thing.

  • Payment Functionality:

    Depending on your club, you may require instant payment, or you may have to vet and interview before membership is paid. We can set this up either way using Direct Deposit, PayPal, or a Gateway like eWay (keep in mind payment gateways charge fees for their usage). 

DP Web Design
Club or Membership Website

Starting at...
  • Single

    1/3 deposit, final payment on delivery.

    Get Quote

    Club requirements vary,
    please call to discuss your needs.
  • Monthly

  • Completion time: 4-6 weeks (avg.)

Add-on Extra Functionality

The below features are an extra cost and can always be added to your club's website later on down the track.

  • Online Store:

    This can be anything from an online order form to a fully functional eCommerce store (see more on our eCommerce store here)

  • Mail Blasts, Newsletters or Notifications:

    You can either have personalised messages for specific members or member groups, messages can appear when they log in to their member's area or they can be emailed directly. All emails will provide statistics on opens, link clicks, bounces and more. 

  • Sponsor Ads:

    So your site is getting popular, and you're seeing a lot of traffic using Google Analytics. It's time to make some money selling sponsored ads on your website. NOTE: Your ads will only have the ability to show stats on displayed clicked amounts.

  • Events Management:

    If your club host many events you might think of adding on an events manager, adding features like:

    • Create, Manage Events
    • Locations/Venues Management
    • Manage Registrants
    • Recurring Events
    • Flexible Pricing
    • Multiple Discount Options
    • Flexible Coupons System
    • Multiple Registration Options
    • Multiple Ticket Types
    • Emails Notification
    • PDF Tickets
    • PDF Invoices
    • Issue Certificates
    • Cancel Registration
    • Deposit Payment
    • Waiting List
    • Support 50+ Payment Gateways
Club or Membership Website, built using our Base Build Package.

What do you get in a Base Build Website?

Unique Design Layout

We don't grab a template then fit your business around it. DP Web Design creates websites as unique as your business. Our design for your website is guided by existing logos, company themes or style guides. If you don't have this then we're here to give your business some style. the design layout is usually selected by the client & developer then company logo, colours & images are added to give your site an original look.

Structured Home Page and Feature/Hero Banner

The home page will summarise your business, showing key points of interest to your users incorporating call to action buttons and links to engage your customers. The feature/hero banner can be static or include motion such as sliding and fading etc. Either way a feature banner will summarise the key points of your business.

Stock Images Included

When creating your website it's best to use personalised professional images to connect your customers with you and your business. Sometimes this isn't possible so it's good to use specially selected stock images. We can supply you with fully licenced stock images for your website.

5 to 10 Pages of Information

We don't set rules about page numbers, but naturally if your wanting hundreds of pages we'll talk further about pricing. We say 5 to 10 pages because this is usually enough to represent most small businesses. Some of these page examples are usually Home, About Us, Services, Clients, Contact Us, etc. The value of having a multi page website as opposed to a one page website is more content, more pages, more headings & metadata, these are all things Google loves, "Content is King!".
NOTE: Higher content sites can increase the base build price.

Website Populated with Your Images and Copy

Naturally we'll add your page content and images, we can supply stock images at no extra charge and if you're not a wordsmith we can put you on to a good copywriter.

NOTE: in this package, we do not write up your content or photograph your business, staff, or products and services. These services are available, so please talk to us, and we'll add them into your quote.

Contact Form

This is a simple contact form or call to action form. This usually includes the following fields (name, email, subject & message, or something similar). All forms use Google reCAPTCHA to stop spamming, with email receipts sent to you & your client while also being stored on your website for later review.

Client Managed Site Content Using a Simple Click, Drag & Drop Page Builder System

Site content can be easily managed using a simple click, drag & drop page builder system (YOOtheme PRO).
NOTE: Support packages are also available if you would like us to fully manage your site.

Base SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Keyword refinement consists of adding keywords/phrases & description to meta tags, using best SEO practices for titles, menus, images etc. (You get us started with some keywords & phrases that best represent your business and we'll help you refine them)
NOTE: this is not a 1st page ranking guarantee as that is a dedicated SEO service.

Social Bookmarks / Links

If you have social pages then we'll link your website to them all.

Fully Responsive Design

Your website will be fully mobile/tablet responsive, multi browser compatible development to work seamlessly on all devices from desktop down to mobile screen sizes.

Google Analytic integration

We'll setup your Google Analytics and Search Console and tie it into your website for when you're ready to dive into website SEO or Adwords. If you already have this we'll add the correct code into your site. This also includes Facebook Pixel and any other tracking codes.

Site Usability Support

We won't just dump a website on you and leave you with no understanding on how to edit it. If you want to be proactive with your site editing then we can supply you with help documents & guides to make the process as easy as possible.

Domain, hosting setup for website

If you're using our hosting or another service then we'll make sure your hosting environment is configured to best run your site.