Website Construction

Different businesses require different types of websites and there is no need to buy a Ferrari hood for a holden commodore, you'll just be wasting your money and it won't suit your needs. If you have a clear idea of your website requirements, then you can get a more accurate quote from us.

Don't Know Where To Start?

What do you want your website to do for your business? This is the first question you should ask yourself and for the most part a client's response is...
I really just want a web presence showing what our business does and can do. It must have a contact form... Oh, and placed on the first page of Google!
If this describes your business, then you will be wanting what we call "A Base Build".
Keeping it Simple...

What do you get in a Base Build Website?

Unique Design Layout
We don't grab a template then fit your business around it. D.P. Web Design creates websites as unique as your business. Our design for your website is guided by existing logos, company theme or style guide. If you don't have this then we're here to give your business style. Design layout is selected by the client & developer then company logo, colours & images are added to give your site an original look.
Structured Home Page and Feature/Hero Banner
The home page will summarise your business, showing key points of interest to your users incorporating call to action buttons and links to engage your customers. The feature/hero banner can be static or include motion such as sliding and fading etc. Either way a feature banner will summarise the key points of your business.
5 to 10 pages of information
You can have as many pages as you want but usually 5 or 10 is enough to represent most small businesses. Page examples: Home, About Us, Services, Clients, Contact Us, etc.
NOTE: Higher content sites will increase the base build price (*Base Build with Extra Content).
Contact Form
A simple contact form or call to action form. (e.g. name, email, subject & message, or something similar)
All pages populated with images and copy
Naturally we'll add your page content and images, we can supply stock images at no extra charge and if you're not a wordsmith we can put you on to a good copywriter.
Site content can be client managed using a simple click, drag & drop page builder system

Site content can be easily managed by you using a simple click, drag & drop page builder system (YOOtheme PRO).
NOTE: Support packages are also available if you would like us to full manage your site.

Base SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Keyword refinement, adding keywords/phrases & description to meta tags, using best SEO practices for titles, menus, images etc. (You get us started with some keywords & phrases that best represent your business and we'll help you refine them)
NOTE: this is not a 1st page ranking guarantee as that is a dedicated SEO service.
Social Bookmarks/Links
If you have social pages then we'll link your website to them all.
Fully Responsive Design
Your website will be fully mobile/tablet responsive, multi browser compatible development to work seamlessly on all devices from desktop down to mobile screen sizes.
Google Analytic integration
We'll setup your Google Analytics and Search Console and tie it into your website for when you're ready to dive into website SEO or Adwords. If you already have this we'll add the correct code into your site. This alos includes Facebook Pixel and any other stacking codes.
Site Usability Support
We won't just dump a website on you and leave you with no understanding on how to edit it. If you want to be proactive with your site editing then we can supply you with help documents & guides to make the process as easy as possible.
Domain, hosting setup for website
If you're using our hosting or another service then we'll make sure your hosting enviroment is configured to best run your site.

D.P. Web Design
Base Build

Starting at...
  • single

    1/3 deposit, final payment on delivery totaling


    normally $2,640
  • monthly

    12 monthly payments of


    (Total: $2,640)
  • Completion time: 1-2 weeks (avg.)
Examples of Base Build Websites:

Click on the links to the right to see past client's Base Build Website.

*Base Build with Extra Content: This is as it sounds, a standard website build but the site page content was extensive so it added to the overall cost. The extra cost can range from $100 and up depending on the amount and formatting complexity.

Why Not Go The Extra Mile and

SupaCharge Your Website?

All the Above Base Build Features (Plus the following)
  • Unique Design Layout
  • Structured Home Page and Feature/Hero Banner
  • 5 to 10 pages of information
  • Contact Form
  • All pages populated with images and copy
  • Site content managed using a simple click, drag & drop page builder system
  • Base SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Bookmarks/Links
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Google Analytic integration
  • Site Usability Support
  • Domain, hosting setup for website
DATABASE: Listings, Projects, Products & or Staff Profiles Display

This application allows you or a staff member to edit or add products, profiles, project or portfolio information, images & files etc. via the front end of the website simply by adding required information to set input fields (e.g. title, descriptions, images, files etc.), in short creating a Database.

Here is some examples of this feature being used on our client's sites...

The benefits to adding this functionality to your website are:

  • Time Saving - Adding new content, products, project or portfolio item is as simple as filling out a pre-designed form and hitting save.
  • Professional Display - When you add a new item it is automatically displayed on your website in a preformatted layout designed by your developer, all the hard work is done!
  • Image & Media Processing - No worries about having to edit images, creating thumbnails or slideshows, all image processing is done within the application. All you have to do is select & upload your images, audio, video or documents from your computer.
Personalised Photography

Do you have an office you want to show off? Staff bios that you want to look just that little extra special or photoshop enhanced products that would look great as high detail images. Then we can take care of this for you.

Specific Icon Creation

Icons are a great way to symbolically display what you're talking about in your content, product or service. We will create specific icons to your business. They can even be animated and draw in as the page loads, this is an eye catching feature putting your site a step above others.

SEO Keyword Analysis

In this process you will supply us with a list of keywords or key phrases that you think customers would use to search for your business. We will then analyse those keywords selecting the most popular/searched and relevant to your business.

SEO Site Enhancements

We will take the analysed keywords & key phrases and add them to titles, content, image alt tags, meta descriptions and where ever required throughout your site giving an extra boost to your SEO.

Ongoing Google Placement & Site Uptime Monitoring

Your site and keywords will be added to monitoring tools tracking your search engine position against your selected keywords. This ties in with the SEO Keyword Analysis & Enhancements features to tweak over time for the best SEO results. It will also be monitored using an optimization tool for performance, updates, security and uptime.

Page Speed & Site Loading Refinement

Your Google/Search Engine ranking is also determined by your site's performance, things like page loading speed, server connection speeds, image refinement, accessibility and more. This is a careful balance between design and functionality.


D.P. Web Design
SupaCharge Website

Starting at...
  • single

    1/3 deposit, final payment on delivery totaling


    normally $3,960
  • monthly

    12 monthly payments of


    (Total: $3,960)
  • Completion time: 2-3 weeks (avg.)

Let's get a little more technical...

Built Using Joomla (CMS) Framework

Your site will be built using the popular Content Management System "Joomla". You will be able to create or update menu titles and page text and information yourself with ease.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a highly advanced and versatile content management system (CMS). What does this mean in layman's terms? Simply, it's the shell of a website and we add in your content. In your case the content is your business information. This platform is perfect if your website will contain a large amount of content and menus that you would like to edit and maintain yourself without paying a designer for updating fees. If you want to have full control of your site and cut down your ongoing updating cost, then this system is the best for you!

Q: What does CMS mean?
A: Content Management System.

Q: I'm familiar with Wordpress, can you build a Wordpress site?
A: Yes, they are both different versions of a CMS. We prefer Joomla simply because it is a more advanced versatile system. 

Easy to Edit...

YOOtheme Pro Page Builder (Live Editor)

Edit your site content using YOOtheme Pro Page Builder. YOOtheme Pro is the most powerful theme and page builder for Joomla. Organize content with drag & drop, create responsive grid layouts, add content elements on the Fly and much more.

Joomla uses "Extensions, Components & Modules" for advanced functionality on your site.

REMEMBER! You can always add advanced functionality to any Joomla site as your business grows.

What are Extensions, Components & Modules?

Joomla also offers almost 9,000 extensions, these extensions either free or commercial enhance your site in many ways best suited to your business needs. In fact, this site itself is built using the Joomla system with various plug-ins handling functions like:
  • Member & client areas
  • Automatic invoicing systems
  • Online credit card payments
  • File download/upload handlers
  • Portfolio presentations
  • Photo & image album & slide show presentations
  • Support ticketing
  • Calendar systems
  • Shopping carts
  • (find more extensions here)

What goes on behind the scenes of a Base Build?

  • Designer & client consultation via email or phone, or if you're located in Townsville, feel free to pop around for a face to face meeting during site development & pre-development
  • Testing site for cross browser compatibility (All popular** browsers & versions Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPad & iPhone*)
  • Testing site in different screen resolutions (HD screens to mobile devices)
  • Testing site on different operating systems (Mac, PC, iPod & iPhone*)
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • We have a 50 step checklist to make sure your site is built to the best possible standard
** D.P. Web Design develops for popular browsers & mobile devices. You can view statistics here:
Need more than just a Base Build Website?

Advanced Websites and Specialised Features

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you require more functionality from your website to keep your growing business running smoothly?
  • Do you need specialised programming for your site that is unique to your business needs?
  • Do you need an eCommerce solution?
  • Do you want to manage members and users using your website?
  • Do you have requirements that exceed the standard presentation website?
then... Enough with the questions!
It sounds like you need to talk to an experienced web developer to find a solution, and it sounds like you need an advanced website created so...

Did You Know?

We Price Match

If you send us an official quote by a reputable developer we will match their price and services*

Conditions of Price Match:

  • Please supply an official quote sent to your name or business name by a reputable developer.
  • Unfortunatly quotes from overseas companies are not valid, quoting company must have an ABN.
  • We can only provide price matching for services we provide. Unfortunatly we can't price match guarantee because unlike other matching offers we arn't selling goods like alcohol or TVs from a single supplyer and some work may be outside the scope of what we supply.
  • We have the right to refuse a price match if conditions are not met.
  • Email your quote to

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