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An Average Timeline on Our Process

  • Quoting
    Day 1 Step 1

    Call us to discuss your needs. We'll ask you a few or lots of questions depending on the complexity of your project. Then We'll send you an official quote.
  • Accept Quote
    Day 1 Step 2

    When you want to get started simply pay the deposit, this is usually ⅓ the quoted amount.
  • Start-up Kit
    Day 1 Step 3

    This isn't our first rodeo but it may be yours so we'll send you a start-up kit showing how, what, why, when and where. Everything you'll need to know to get started. If you have any questions, we're more than happy to take your calls.
  • Framework Developed
    Day 2 Step 4

    We will now begin constructing the framework of your website using essential software and applications that are necessary for the operation of a contemporary website, specifically tailored to your needs.

  • Content Provided
    Day 5 Step 5

    So, you either wrote the content for your website or a copywriter did it for you. And all the images are either provided by you or we found some that we think fit your business. Either way, you've gone through the Start-up Kit and gave us everything we need.

    It's good to know that this is the biggest hurdle when creating a website, if things slow down, it'll probably happen here.

  • Layout Structure
    Day 8 Step 6

    With all the necessary content at our disposal, we can proceed to format and design your website utilising our extensive experience in web design and development. Our approach is to create a website that is tailored to your business rather than fitting your business into a pre-existing template.

  • First Viewing
    Day 10 Step 7

    At this point, we're happy, now we need you to be. We'll send you a link to the development site and give you a rundown on what we've done.

  • Revisions & Edits
    Day 11 Step 8

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions for revisions. We will make the necessary changes while also providing guidance and addressing any potential challenges that may arise with your proposed modifications. This process will be repeated as necessary. 

  • Ready to Go Live: Final Payment
    Day 11 Step 9

    All revisions are made and you're happy with our work. Now all that is need is to pay the final ⅔ of the invoice.

  • Site Goes Live
    Day 12 Step 10

    The site goes live & we do some final procedures that can only be implemented on a live site.

  • Spread The Word
    Day 14 Step 11

    You tell everybody how great we are & we start showing the world our latest & greatest work.

  • The Web Development Process

    The Web Development Process

    DP Web Design has created this simplified step by step workflow to help you understand the process of developing your website. This way you the client can easily understand what is required of both parties to create a professional functional website.

  • 1. Choose Your Domain Name

    1. Choose Your Domain Name

    So which is best for you and your business? If you want to set up a dot com dot au domain or just a dot au ( or you will need to have a registered business name. For example, your business name is Tony's Car Detailer, then you probably would have as your domain name. That is of course if it isn't taken and it shouldn't be because Tony's Car Detailer is a name registered to you and no one else. If you think that is too long then you can use a abbreviation of that name like You can check your domain name availability and purchase here (DP Web Design Domains), or just get us to do it for you.

    .com Domain
    Domain Name
    Best for global businesses, but if you're an Australian business it's still a good idea to get a .com domain for brand protection. -or- .au Domain
    Domain Name
    Let your customers know you are an Australian business with a domain

    QUESTION: I already have a domain name, will this effect the DP Web Design development process?
    ANSWER: No, but you will have to provide us with the domain name user & password for us to make your site go live.

  • 2. Choose Your Hosting Plan

    2. Choose Your Hosting Plan

    We like to make it simple, so DP Web Design offers one hosting package that works for all of our websites. It is a must that your business stays ONLINE, so we make sure you get fast & reliable servers.

    DP Web Design
    Host & Security Plan
    (per year)
    External Hosting
    B.Y.O. Hosting
    If you look you can find cheap hosting, but it is cheap for a reason. Talk to us for hosting recommendations that suit your site.

    QUESTION: I already have hosting, will this effect the DP Web Design development process?
    ANSWER: No, but you will have to provide us with the hosting username & password for us to upload the completed site & make it go live.

  • 3. Website

    3. What do you want your website
    to do for your business?

    This is the first question you should ask yourself and for the most part a client's response is... "I really just want a web presence showing what our business does and can do. It must have a contact form... Oh, and placed on the first page of Google!" If this describes your business, then you will be wanting what we call "A Base Build" website.

    DP Web Design
    Base Website
    (starting from)
    From the hundreds of websites we've created, the Base Build covers most small businesses needs. Some businesses may require more specialised functions, so this will naturally add to the cost. Click the learn more link to find out what you get in this build.
    DP Web Design
    eCommerce Website
    (starting from)
    Wow, that seems like a lot of money! in fact we sit in the middle to lower end pricing for eCommerce sites. There are a lot of boxes to tick when creating an eCommerce site. If you are entering this area and this price is out of your budget then look at an eCommerce platform like Shopify.

    QUESTION: Do I have to keep on paying a maintenance or upkeep fee?
    ANSWER: No, you don't have to, but remember that web software can become out of date and vulnerable to hacking. If you host with us using the 'Hosting & Security Plan' then this is covered.

  • 4. Add Your Site Features

    4. Add Your Site Features/Functionality

    You may know what you want from your website, but if you don't, then talk to an experienced developer on the best way to implement your ideas into a functional system.

    website functionality

    Think of functionality in your website as optional extras in your car. Now we're going to add leather seats, iPod connectivity, tinted windows and so on. Adding extra functionality suited to your business requirements to your website will streamline & enhance where it is needed.

  • 5. Supply Website Content

    5. Supply Website Content

    The following is generally required for your designer to get started on your website

    • You will need to supply menu/page titles & page information.
    • You will need to supply any digital artwork, images (specific images to your business, if you don't have any we can provide stock images for you), logo or any other media for pages.
    • It is best to supply a list of keywords & phrases that "you think" best suit your business or product, we can help you with this process (no more than 10).

    When starting your new website with DP Web Design you will be sent information advising you on the best way to gather and supply information for your developer, this is our Start-up Kit.

  • 6. Apply Design to the Framework

    6. Apply Design to the Framework

    Now, it's time to add your company's or organisation's identity to the website. We'll use a pre-designed template that we'll tweak to give your site a unique look and feel. Our developer will use their experience and the latest design trends to make sure the website represents your business well. If you have any websites you like, let us know what you like about them.

    If you want to have more say in the design, feel free to share some websites you like or dislike and let us know what you like or dislike about them. If you have a specific design in mind, send us a mock-up and we'll turn it into a working website that looks great on all devices.

    apply design

  • 7. Get a Support Packages

    7. Support Packages

    Websites are like cars, and we make direct comparisons to this all the time. They need servicing to keep them running smoothly. Their look can go out of fashion after a while and they can be broken into by someone with the right tools and know how. DP Web Design offers Priority Support Packages that ensure maintenance of your site is our priority.

    Can I manage my own site?

    Yes, after site completion you will be supplied with documents or videos on how to manage your new website. All DP Web Design sites are created with ease of use in mind. Here are some standard website editing functions you will be able to complete yourself:

    • Editing site content
    • Creating or removing menu items
    • Editing modules (modules allow the same information to be shown on multiple pages, e.g. Contact details, shop location & specials, etc.)
    • Maintaining testimonials or other components

    Why do I need a support package?

    If you spend all your time working for your business and not enough on your business, then like many other DP Web Design clients you can take out a support package to suit your needs. We will take care of site content and updates for you, tell us what you need done and we'll do it quickly & professionally. DP Web Design offers support packages of all price & time ranges.

     Click Here to Learn More About Support Packages!