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Micro Business Websites

What is a Micro Business website?

A Micro Business website, in essence, is a trendy term for a one-page website. If you have already perused our Base Build page, then it is essentially that, but limited to only the Home Page.

The home page of any website should act as a summary of your business, highlighting the products and services that your clients would be interested in knowing more about.

The Micro Business package aims to showcase all your key features in a professionally designed website.

What type of business would use a Micro Business Website?

If your business lacks a web presence or website, or if your business is quite straightforward and does not require pages of information to describe your product or service, or perhaps if you are operating on a limited budget, then a Micro Business website is an ideal choice for you.

What do you get in a Micro Business website?

A Stunning One Page Layout Using Your Business Branding

We don't grab a template then fit your business around it. DP Web Design creates websites as unique as your business. Our design for your website is guided by existing logos, company themes or style guides. If you don't have this then we're here to give your business some style. the design layout is usually selected by the client & developer then company logo, colours & images are added to give your site an original look.

Structured Home Page and Feature/Hero Banner

The home page will summarise your business, showing key points of interest to your users incorporating call to action buttons and links to engage your customers. The feature/hero banner can be static or include motion such as sliding and fading etc. Either way a feature banner will summarise the key points of your business.

Stock Images Included

When creating your website it's best to use personalised professional images to connect your customers with you and your business. Sometimes this isn't possible so it's good to use specially selected stock images. We can supply you with fully licenced stock images for your website.

Website Populated with Your Images and Copy

Naturally we'll add your page content and images, we can supply stock images at no extra charge and if you're not a wordsmith we can put you on to a good copywriter.

NOTE: in this package, we do not write up your content or photograph your business, staff, or products and services. These services are available, so please talk to us, and we'll add them into your quote.

Contact Form

This is a simple contact form or call to action form. This usually includes the following fields (name, email, subject & message, or something similar). All forms use Google reCAPTCHA to stop spamming, with email receipts sent to you & your client while also being stored on your website for later review.

Client Managed Site Content Using a Simple Click, Drag & Drop Page Builder System

Site content can be easily managed using a simple click, drag & drop page builder system (YOOtheme PRO).
NOTE: Support packages are also available if you would like us to fully manage your site.

Base SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Keyword refinement consists of adding keywords/phrases & description to meta tags, using best SEO practices for titles, menus, images etc. (You get us started with some keywords & phrases that best represent your business and we'll help you refine them)
NOTE: this is not a 1st page ranking guarantee as that is a dedicated SEO service.

Social Bookmarks / Links

If you have social pages then we'll link your website to them all.

Fully Responsive Design

Your website will be fully mobile/tablet responsive, multi browser compatible development to work seamlessly on all devices from desktop down to mobile screen sizes.

Google Analytic integration

We'll setup your Google Analytics and Search Console and tie it into your website for when you're ready to dive into website SEO or Adwords. If you already have this we'll add the correct code into your site. This also includes Facebook Pixel and any other tracking codes.

Site Usability Support

We won't just dump a website on you and leave you with no understanding on how to edit it. If you want to be proactive with your site editing then we can supply you with help documents & guides to make the process as easy as possible.

Domain, hosting setup for website

If you're using our hosting or another service then we'll make sure your hosting environment is configured to best run your site.

DP Web Design
Micro Business Website

Starting at...
  • Single

    1/3 deposit, final payment on delivery totaling


  • Monthly

    12 monthly payments of


    (Total: $2,280)
  • Completion time: 3-4 days (avg.)

Common Questions?

  • How Long?

    How long will it take to complete the site?

    As soon as we're provided with all site information, branding and any images you'd like to use, we can have it ready to go in just a few days depending on our and your workload. View our Web Design Process Timeline to get a better understanding of our workflow.

  • Can I Expand?

    What happens if I want to add more pages to the site?

    The Micro Build Website is the same as our Base Build Website accept all the information is stripped down and compacted into one page, this would normally be the home page of a Base Build Website. When the time comes to expand your website we can add the new pages or functionality to the existing framework that your Micro site is built on.

  • Found in Google?

    Is the Micro Build website still going to be found in Google?

    Yes, we'll still work with you to do the keyword research to help your site get the best ranking possible, but remember content is king, so a Micro Business website that only consists of one page would not have the same ranking power that our Base Build or a multi page website would have, simply because these sites contain a lot more information.

  • Can I Edit?

    Can I edit the page content once the site is complete?

    Yes, you can edit your site content using YOOtheme Pro Page Builder. YOOtheme Pro is the most powerful theme and page builder available today. Organise content with drag & drop, create responsive grid layouts, add content elements on the fly and much more. We have found that 95% of our clients don't edit their websites simply because we offer ourĀ Hosting, Security & Maintenance Package that comes with updates included. Why spend an hour learning how to do something when it can take us 5 minutes.

View Some of our Micro/One-Page Sites