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We can create your logo two different ways...
1. Creative
2. Guided

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Choose an option below that best suits your budget then contact or call on (07) 4773 4719 to discuss your ideas. DP Web Design will then start your logo, producing concept ideas within 2-3 days. Concept ideas will be emailed in a standard .jpg format for viewing. After viewing you can further provide your designer with feedback on the concepts, from here we can start the final stage of revisions to complete your logo.

Logo Design Workflow & Process

  • Discovery Questions: We will send you a guide list of discovery questions. When you reply with your answers we will start your logo concept ideas.
  • Designer Description (optional): Ideas suggested by your designer in written format to give a rough idea of what you can expect visually.
  • Visual Design: The number of concepts selected will be designed from your suggestions taken from the designer description, then emailed in a JPEG image format for your review.
  • Revisions: Revisions will be made up to the number of concepts selected to finalise your logo.
  • Final Logo: One (1) final original logo design presented to you the client.
  • Formats Presented:
    Files emailed as hi resolution .pdf, .png or .tif format suitable for web use and printing purposes, such as stationery, signage, t-shirts. Original artwork supplied for reuse and reapplication in Photoshop format.
  • Copyright:
    You fully own the copyright and are free to register the logo at the register office.
(1) Creative Method

Leave the Design to Us

Package 1


  • 3 Unique Logo Concepts
  • Up to 3 Revisions
* all prices are GST inclusive

(2) Guided Method

We Go By YOUR Design

So you know what you want but you don't have the skills to work with the vector based software to create the logo in the correct format for professional printers. You give us your idea (even if it's scribbled on a napkin) and we'll turn it into a professional looking logo.

COST: This is worked out on an hourly rate ($110 p/h) and usually takes 1 to 2 hours to produce the end result.

Did You Know?

We Price Match

If you send us an official quote by a reputable developer we will match their price and services*

Conditions of Price Match:

  • Please supply an official quote sent to your name or business name by a reputable developer.
  • Unfortunatly quotes from overseas companies are not valid, quoting company must have an ABN.
  • We can only provide price matching for services we provide. Unfortunatly we can't price match guarantee because unlike other matching offers we arn't selling goods like alcohol or TVs from a single supplyer and some work may be outside the scope of what we supply.
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