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What Goes Into Your Website

The 7 Phases of Web Development

Building a website for your business is not an out of the box solution. When fixing a classic car you don't put Ferrari doors on it, it is simply overkill and over spending. So if you are a sole trader or an owner operator of a micro or small business you don't need a team of strategists, designers or marketing team to create your website.

We believe in the balance of pricing verses practical requirements for your website. To keep with the metaphor, we can provide you with the Ferrari, but our time is your money and to save you some, we have started with a Base setup providing the core elements of a professional website design that performs well, then added an extra two levels of features (Extras & Full) lifting the website up to our optimal vision of the type of website we would build for ourselves.


3 Levels of Service We Can Provide on Your Website

Base Build

Put Simply, this is the base construction of a website for a Sole Trader or Mirco Business. Even if you only choose a Base build you will end up with a fully professional website.


If your business has a bit more of a budget then adding the Extras features to your website Base build will give a more polished and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) targeted results.


This is the sort of website your developer would build for themselves, if you are serious about your online presence then you should consider nothing less than all of these options.

Use the filters below to see what is included with a Base, Extras or Full build.

Website Planning

Included in Extras & Full builds

We will firmly establish the user's goals, map out their journey and then build the design around this. Including strategies like: The 5 Second Rule, Proper Messaging, Call to Action & Engagement, Building Trust, Incorporating Social Media, Use of Video, Get Rid of Clutter, Design every page as a landing page.


Included in Base, Extras & Full builds

Using an Open Source Platform

Unless required, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, your site is built on the Joomla CMS platform using a template selected by the client and or the designer. Your corporate identity (logo, colours & images) is then added to give your site an original professional look.

Logo Enhancement

Included in Extras & Full builds

In some cases, businesses may be using a logo that was incorrectly designed (not in a vector format) or created by themselves or a friend and may have left out some of the key elements of the logo design. We can re-create logos into vector formats or design a new one from scratch.

Keyword Refinement

Included in Extras & Full builds

Sometimes keywords are common sense, but there may be some hidden surprises with what phrases are being searched for, in relation to your business. We can help you narrow down specific words & phrases that directly relate to your business, then integrate them into your web copy and meta data keywords.

Copywriter Service

Included in Full builds

Your website content should do more than just supply information. It needs to engage the reader, boost your search engine rankings and reinforce your brand. We can work closely with a copywriter to make sure your content is as interesting to your reader as it is search engine friendly.

Site Pages & Content

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds
Generally this consists of 5 to 10 pages of information (you can have as many pages as you want but usually 5 or 6 is enough to represent most small businesses. Page examples: Home, About Us, Services, Clients, Contact Us, etc.) NOTE: Conten is supplied by the client, higher content & content complexity will increase the base build price.

Image Alt Tags, SEO Targeted

Included in Extras & Full builds
Google cannot 'see' images, but it can read all its properties and can therefore use them to establish rankings for pages with images. We will take the next step and make sure all images on your site are descriptive and ties in with your keyword refinement.


Included in Full builds
Hiring a professional photographer will provide you with one-of-a-kind photographs that are unique to your business and will not be found elsewhere online - or posted on your competitor's site. This will provide a personalized experience for your viewers; people want to see what your actual products, office, staff, etc. look like.

Stock Photos

Included in Full builds
Since first impressions are formed within seconds and since most of the information we consume and interpret is visual, quality unique images can make your site and your brand stick in the viewer’s mind as professional and credible. If you don't want to hire a professional photographer then we will source high quality stock images to give your site the look it needs.

Contact Form

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds

This is a simple contact form consisting of the following fields (e.g. name, email, phone, subject & message, or something similar). Form submissions will be e-mailed to both user & admin, forms are formatted with website theme & company logo. Form data is stored and can be downloaded or reviewed from the website.

Full Motion Feature Banner, Targeted

Included in Full builds
A full motion targeted feature banner will make use of strong imagery and refined text to best capture either your business or specific key products, leading users directly to the sections of your site you are trying to emphasise the most. Full motion banners can tell a story rather than simply providing a single image at a time.

Feature Banner, Basic

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds
Home Page feature banner (a feature banner can be static or include motion such as sliding or fading, either way a feature banner will summarise the key points of your business)

Responsive Layout

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds
Responsive layout for mobile & tablet devices. A true responsive layout changes the structure of the website depending on what device it is viewed on, it doesn't simply shrink the site to fit the screen. Having a responsive website now is essential and should be a standard inclusion with all developers.

Basic Blog

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds
A Basic Blog/News Updates style layout page (if required). In most cases if you have small updates it is best to use a Facebook or Twitter account, but if you require an ongoing (weekly, monthly etc.) blog or news article this can be setup on your site. A blog page will generally show the first part of a longer article (teaser) with a related image displaying the latest article first. Blogs can keep your site fresh and current and help with SEO.

Social Bookmarkers

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds
Social Bookmarkers & Like/follow buttons (if required). This is simply an icon or logo of one or various social medias your organisation is connected to. It can either link to the pages or associate like button for others to post your pages on your site to their chosen social media.

Loading Speed Test & Refinement

Included in Full builds
Page speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your page loads. Many people have found that faster pages both rank and convert better. We will test both site speed (how long it takes for your browser to receive the first byte of information from the web server) & page load time (the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page).

Client Editing

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds
All our sites are setup for ease of client editing, so it is possible for you the client to fully maintain or edit your site content where possible (support packages are also available).

Google Analytics

Included in Base, Extras & Full builds
Google Analytic integration (requires Google or Gmail account). This gathers statistical data about the how, what, why, when, where & who is visiting your site. Even if you don't use this information right away it will be invaluable if you decide to tackle your site's SEO head on.

Proof Reading

Included in Full builds
Many people are not tolerant of spelling & Grammar errors. It may seem unfair, but people judge websites by the quality of the writing, and spelling and grammar errors are an obvious indicator of quality for many people.

Site Security

Included in Extras & Full builds
We can introduce extra levels of security to your site to reduce hacking. At the very least hacking is inconvenient and costs you money to get your website up and running again. In a worst case scenario a hacked site can shut your eCommerce business down loosing you revenue & customer confidence.

Ongoing Google Placement Monitoring

Included in Full builds
We will add your site to specialised SEO monitoring software that will review your site's ranking against your selected keywords. This will include tweaking pages to make these keywords work for your business.

Redirection Planning

Included in Extras & Full builds

Redirection Planning is necessary if you have an existing site that is ranking well with search engines and you don't want to lose that ranking. Let's say Google lists your site pages like the following example URL but when your new site is completed that same page may be found at (without the .html). This page will now give a 404 Page Not Found response from Google and you will lose any traffic (at least for a while) that you had on that page. Redirection planning will send a user to the new page and also let search engines know that this is the new page from now on.

In-depth Responsive Refining

Included in Full builds
While a responsive design is included in a Base Build, larger sites have far more complexities (buttons and knobs) to deal with. We will review all these aspects of the site and make sure they are performing at their best.

Video & Motion Graphics

Included in Full builds

Videos are the best way to present your product or services to potential clients, especially if your product or service is a little different than the rest.