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Texas Longhorn

  • Activated: 06 October 2009
  • Framework: Joomla CMS
  • Current Status: redeveloped by another designer


This design and website developed by D.P. Web Design is no longer current. The client either shut down the site, redesigned it themselves or through another designer.

Please use the image supplied to the right to view the original D.P. Web Design's design.

Website's Special Features

  • Standard Website Setup & Development
  • Facebook Integration
  • Home Page Slideshow or Feature Articles Presentation
  • Photo Gallery: Advanced
  • Testimonials Component

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Did You Know?

We Price Match

If you send us an official quote by a reputable developer we will match their price and services*

Conditions of Price Match:

  • Please supply an official quote sent to your name or business name by a reputable developer.
  • Unfortunatly quotes from overseas companies are not valid, quoting company must have an ABN.
  • We can only provide price matching for services we provide. Unfortunatly we can't price match guarantee because unlike other matching offers we arn't selling goods like alcohol or TVs from a single supplyer and some work may be outside the scope of what we supply.
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