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Townsville Gem and Mineral Club

  • Activated: 14 February 2023
  • Framework: Joomla CMS
  • Current Status: online & active
  • History: This site is new to the internet and the 1st website for this company/organisation.


The Townsville Gem and Mineral Club is an Incorporated non-profit organisation for members who share a common interest in all things related to

  • Art Metal (Silversmithing and Jewellery Making)
  • Lapidary (engraving, cutting and polishing of stones and gems)
  • Faceting of Gemstones, Tumbling (polishing of smaller stones in tumblers)
  • Casting (making jewellery by casting and pouring of molten metal into moulds)
  • Enamelling (designs made in special paints heated onto metal pendants)

And various workshops related to jewellery making including chains, bracelets, and other creative ornamental activities such as wire wrapping and the creation of 'Gem Trees'.

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