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Do You Use D.P. Web Design Support Packages?

If no then ignore me, if yes read on...

In the interest of full transparency and keeping clients up to date, I've started a new policy of sending out worklogs when ever I do work on any support packages. Usually I send out the worklogs when the support package has ended so don't get worried when you see these popping in your inbox.

These worklogs are split into 3 sections.

1. Client Information

This gives a summary of your support package, the main things to keep an eye on here are Finish Date & Time Remaining.

sp 01

2. Worklog History

This is the breakdown of the actual work, who completed it, on what day and the time is was completed in. Work notes are short descriptions of tasks completed and are not intended to be written in layman's terms but server more as a reference to the person completing the work. If you are confused about any work completed please call us for a full breakdown.

sp 02

3. Total & Time Remaining

No surprises here, just keep an eye on your time remaining and remember to upgrade your package when time is running low.

sp 03